SV29: Facilitation of Posture and Movement with Treatment Application to Pediatrics
Presented By: Maria Huben, P.T.

5 Contact Hours - 0.50 CEUs - 5.00 PDUs
$35.00 per person
Course Description
This CEU program consists of 3 streaming videos with 3 PDF Viewing Guides. Some of the information in this program (FAC2 and FAC3) is included in the longer seminar SEM22C2.

FAC1 Introduction to the Facilitation of Movement: An NDT Therapist's Approach (42 min.)

Prsented by Francine Martin Stern, NDT Coordinator Instructor and Maria Huben, P.T. This video presents the basic concepts of facilitation. Proper facilitation encourages and allows an active response by the child and requires detailed understanding of normal movement components and organized motor behaviors. Facilitation concepts are presented and demonstrated in a variety of situations.

FAC2 Facilitation Techniques for Improving Motor Control in Children with Neuromotor Disorders Part 1: Movement Experience and Facilitation in Supine, Prone and Sitting (122 min.)

Presented by Maria Huben, P.T.This video presents an analysis and demonstration of movement experiences as well as a demonstration of facilitation techniques in supine, prone, and sitting. Treatment application is discussed.

FAC3 Facilitation Techniques for Improving Motor Control in Children with Neuromotor Disorders Part 2: Facilitation in Quadruped, Standing, and Walking (80 min.)

Presented by Maria Huben, P.T. This video presents an analysis of facilitation techniques in quadruped, kneeling, standing, and walking, as well as treatment demonstrations.

Handouts are included in PDF File Format.
Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the basic concepts of facilitation.
2. Describe what the therapist needs to understand about facilitation.
3. Describe the basic components of movement.
4. Describe facilitation techniques in supine.
5. Describe facilitation techniques in prone.
6. Describe facilitation techniques in sitting.
Seminar Level
Level I Introductory/ no prerequisites required.
Accepted by NBCOT for PDUs. Approved by the New York PT Board, California PT Board and the Illinois PT Board. For other State PT Board approvals click on CEU Course Approvals on the CEU Course Listing Page.
High Speed Internet Connection Required. Wireless connections may not be consistently fast enough to watch long video files. You may need to have your computer connected directly to your high speed modem via an internet cable.
Target Audience
Occupational, physical, speech therapists, and other rehabilitation specialists. For special needs requests please contact us at
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