ARTICLE3: A Neuropostural Approach to the Organization of Somatic and Vestibular Proprioception in Children with Learning Disabilities
Presented By: W. Michael Magrun, M.S., OTR

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Course Description
Children with learning disabilities have consistently demonstrated postural deficits, including motor clumsiness, primitive reflex patterns, and inadequate equilibrium and righting reactions. Postural deficits of body alignment, postural tone, general motor dyspraxia, poor bilateral integration and inadequate equilibrium and righting reactions, have been identified throughout the literature as important characteristics in children with movement and posture disorganization and learning disabilities. Postural stability has also been linked to adequate integration of sensory input. The special proprioceptors in the head (vestibular) are dependent upon the position of the cervical spine. The position of the head, based on its postural relationship to the trunk is prerequisite to efficient integration of vestibular input.
Learning Outcomes
1. Describe the importance of the neck and trunk in somatosensory-vestibular
2. Describe the concept of ankle and hip synergies
3. Describe the difference between vestibular and somatosensory dominance in onefoot balance reactions.
4. Describe the general postural characteristics of children with movement and
posture disorganization.
Seminar Level
Level I Introductory/no prerequisites required.
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