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Visual Dysfunction as an Interference in Motor Control for Children with Cerebral Palsy

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Neuromotor dysfunction interferes with the sensorimotor development of the infant who has had a birth trauma or some inadequate intra-uterine development. The potential dynamic interaction between vision and movement control that occurs during the first year of life is unable to proceed when either system is limited in functional efficiency. In children with developmental delay we also observe that difficulty in the responsiveness of one of these subsystems results in persistence or exaggeration of selected responses of the other system.
To better understand the inseparable functional integration of these two subsystems of the central nervous system we need to review what we know about early development. As clinicians, we are looking for an understanding of the visual system that will assist us in finding the way in which we can direct intervention strategies along the most effective path to balancing the visual and motor syastems for improving the total function of the child.
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