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Integrating Neural Systems: Improving Performance in Children with Learning Disabilities

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This is a Mutli-Media course consisting of Text, Photos, and Video Clips.

Presented by W. Michael Magrun, M.S., OTR/L. This program will discuss each major sensorimotor system, its functional importance and influence on other systems. The concept of neural systems integration will be presented as a dynamic weighting and re-weighting process between systems that provides the foundation for skilled performance and learning. The concept of the visual-vestibular-cervical triad as a basis for neural system organization and integration will assist in the understanding of how neural systems interact. A problem in one system can result in compensatory inefficiencies. Each system leads, and is lead by the other systems, through the process of weighting and re-weighting. These concepts will provide a more dynamic understanding of how we can interact clinically in a more specific and successful way.
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