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Comprehensive Strategies in Hypotonia

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This CEU program consists of 1 streaming video and a PDF 235 pg. Text.

HYPT1 Heads Up on Hypotonia: Understanding the Complexities of Hypotonia & Strategies for Treatment (235 Pg. PDF Text, 5 Hours Granted)

Presented by Barbara Hypes, PT.This impressive text is the most comprehensive discussion on the issues of hypotonia and effective treatment strategies currently available. Barbara Hypes. PT takes the reader through a complete problem-solving approach that deals with the complexities of understanding and treating children with hypotonia. She discusses frequently asked questions and provides clear answers for both therapists and parents alike.

HYPT1 Heads Up on Hypotonia: Strategies for Treatment (72 min.)

Presented by Barbara Hypes. PT. This video provides detailed therapy examples and strategies clearly demonstrated and discussed.Topics include a discussion of tone and problems associated with hypotonia, strategies and therapy tools, compensatory patterns and complications.

Course Text is included in PDF File Format
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