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Motor Control in Hypotonia

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This CEU program consists of 2 streaming videos and 2 PDF Viewing Guides.

HYPO3 Coordinating Motor Control in a 21 Month Old (91 min.)

Presented by Barbara Hypes, P.T. This child was first seen for a consultation when he was 21 months old. The treatment consultation reveals the child's primary motor organization problems and treat strategies to assist in his development. This DVD is presented in real time with edits only for narration so the observer can see how long activities were facilitated. We see that the child can be led by placing interesting objects on different surfaces. Once the therapist begins to impose restrictions he begins to object but quickly calms and engages with the new face. After observing this brief introduction, we can see that this child has some of the classic signs of hypotonia.

HYPO4 Revisiting Motor Control at age 5 (92 min.)

This video revisits the child at 5 years and demonstrates the challenges and changes in motor control. Activities become more complex, requiring greater integration once the child understands the general concept that is being practiced. Watching several repetitions allows the viewer to observe this integration and learning.

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