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The Concept of Forced Use as an Element of Therapy Handling

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The idea of forcing or requiring the use of a less active limb occurs readily as a solution to strengthen the response of the weaker and slower arm or leg. This has a strong basis in the fact that reduced use over time results in further weakening, lack of awareness and even more reduced frequency of use. This phenomenon is observed clearly in acquired trauma due to stroke or head trauma. It is also seen in some children who have not been exposed to active therapy handling at an early age. If we think of the concept of “forced use” as a continuum we will recognize that the active. handling that includes the concept of “inhibition” as it was introduced by Dr. Karel and Berta Bobath was a form of stopping the abnormal reactions in order to permit or require a more active response toward the normal. There is emphasis placed on moving the body weight over the more affected hemiplegic side.
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