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Early Baby Treatment 3

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This CEU program consists of 3 streaming videos. Applicable to the birth to three population.

B1 Helping Babies Move (40 min.)

Presented by Christine A. Nelson, Ph.D., and Barbara Bour, P.T. This video contrasts normal baby movement with the movement components of babies at one year of age with developmental delay. Treatment examples for facilitating more efficient movement experiences are presented with one-year-old babies diagnosed with developmental delay.

B2 Getting Started With the Severely Involved Baby (52 min.)

Presented by Christine A. Nelson, Ph.D. Treating the severely involved baby is challenging and difficult. Inhibiting abnormal patterns from becoming functionally used by the baby is extremely important. This video demonstrates physical handling techniques with three babies, emphasizing trunk and respiratory function as well as basic postural transitions for improving functional motor patterns.

MAS1 Massage for the Infant with Developmental Concerns: A Guide for Parents and Professionals (62 min.)

Presented By Suzanne R. Hayes, M.S., R.N., C.R.R.N. This video provides the therapist and caregiver with the essential information and techniques of infant massage. Each massage stroke is clearly demonstrated with special attention to the infant's individual needs. Massage has been shown to relax muscle tightness, improve muscle tone, and benefit the development of the baby. A special "tips" section is included that deals with colic, constipation, and other concerns.

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