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Visual Postural Characteristics of Children with Disorganized Motor Control

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Children with movement and posture disorganization often have significant visual-postural inefficiencies. These inefficiencies are a result of the inability of the visual system to lead movement due to somatosensory and postural alignment dysfunction or the inability of the postural system, particularly the neck and shoulders, to provide a foundation for the development of good ambient and focal visual skills. For efficient sensory motor performance to exist it is necessary for the visual and postural systems to match within the context of functional demands. Postural control is essential for movement and serves as the background substrata for movement. Without good postural control movement efficiency is limited and compromised. Postural control involves alignment and postural tone (synergic muscle tone). Both alignment and tone must function dynamically throughout a movement task. Postural tone as well as alignment change during a movement performance and must integrate with visual and vestibular requirements of the task.
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