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Treatment Issues in Spina Bifida and Down Syndrome

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This CEU program consists of 2 streaming videos.
SB1The Treatment of the Baby with Myelomeningocele to Enhance Lower Extremity Function (51 min.)

Presented by Barbara J. Bour, P.T. This video guides the viewer through a functional approach to enhance lower extremity function in children with spina bifida. Anatomy review of specific musculature is presented with treatment strategies for activating motor responses of spared fibers. Handling techniques are demonstrated.
DN1Therapy Focus in Down's Syndrome (49 min.)
Presented by Robin Anderson, P.T. This video describes characteristics of Down Syndrome and presents relevant therapy concerns. Concepts presented include organization of the center of gravity, developing a stable base of support, facilitating weight shift for activation of the trunk, and other practical intervention strategies.

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