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This book and video set provide a comprehensive approach for assisting dressing in children with neuromotor challenges, from positioning for dressing to working towards self-dressing.

Dressing and Hygiene as Therapeutic Objectives This manual details the infant dressing experience and developmental expectations for dressing. Assisted dressing for the child with neuromotor challenges is presented along with strategies for gaining more independence. A complete dressing skills evaluation with suggested behavioral treatment objectives are included. Provided in PDF download only.

Therapeutic Dressing for the Child with Significant Neuromotor Challenges (33 min.) For children with severe disabilities, daily activities such as dressing are difficult, time-consuming, and often done to the child out of necessity. However, dressing can be beneficial for the child when combined with positioning and facilitation. When the child accepts the dressing process as a pleasant experience, there is an opportunity for fostering perceptual organization, efforts to assist, and positioning that reinforces function. Provided in MP4 download only.

Making Dressing More Independent for the Child with Neuromotor Challenges (43 min.) For the child who is not severely involved and is capable of active participation, guidance and physical support for stability can provide a learning experience toward independence. Motor organization through facilitation and proper positioning can help the child to begin to develop functional patterns of assistance that can be later developed into more independent dressing skills. Provided in MP4 download only.
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