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Providing Approved Clinical Education

Since the inception of Clinician’s View® we have steadfastly adhered to our mission statement of preserving clinical knowledge, providing approved continuing education to occupational and physical therapists and other rehabilitation professionals.

Clinician’s View® courses offer in-depth problem solving approaches to a wide variety of disabilities affecting children and adults alike. Clinician’s View® offers more than the current trend of talking head power point slide shows. Clinician’s View® courses are clinically based with real world examples and treatment methodology for achieving improvement in functional outcomes.

All Clinician’s View® courses are accepted by NBCOT for PDUs. Selected courses are approved by the California Board of Occupational Therapy for Advanced Practice in hand therapy and assessment and treatment of feeding and swallowing disorders. Selected courses are approved by the Illinois Early Intervention Training Program, in the area of developmental disabilities and approaches for the 0-3 population. Clinician’s View® is approved by the New York, Illinois and California Physical Therapy Boards as well as numerous other physical therapy boards across the country.

Over the years Clinician’s View® has received numerous awards. Clinician's View® is a proud recipient of the IACET Exemplar Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Continuing Education. In the past Clinician's View® was named by Video Magazine to the National Top 100 Video Companies list. Among the many awards received by Clinician's View® are 3 coveted Telly Awards, 3 prestigious Aegis Awards, the Neuro- Optometric Rehabilitation Advancement in Science Award and numerous other awards for its continuing education programs.

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University Curriculum Programs

Clinician’s View® has developed a series of clinically based modules for OT/PT programs designed to be easily integrated into existing curricula. These modules offer the student real-world assessment and treatment examples with in-depth instruction in both theory and practical application through video lecture and treatment demonstration.

Practice exams are provided along with additional handouts and manuals for a more complete learning experience. Instructors can monitor student progress and results.

Our modules include: Interactive Cadaveric Dissection, The Treatment of Adult Hemiplegia, Goniometry, Hand Function and Handwriting, A Neuropostural Approach to Learning Disabilities, Pediatric Seating and Mobility, and Mobilization for the Neurologically Involved Child.

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Problem-solving for Better Clinical Outcomes

Clinician’s View® problem-solving based course content and qualified instructor based presentations, include clinically effective approaches for babies and young children with developmental disabilities, pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders, pediatric oral motor and respiratory problems, functional vision approaches for children and adults, assessment and treatment of closed head injuries in children and adults, joint and tissue mobilization approaches, the assessment and treatment of adult hemiplegia and much more.

Understanding the interaction of various sensory motor systems is critical to discovering the origins of compensatory habit patterns and inefficient functional performance. Intervention designed to inhibit compensatory and abnormal responses and facilitate more normal function is the guiding principle for achieving improvement. Normalizing alignment and preparation to achieve matching of sensory motor systems is primary before the client “practices” a function. Inefficient practice or practice using compensatory patterns will embed the problems. Achieving normal alignment prior to functional practice is essential to insuring proper postural mobility and kinesiological selectivity.

Clinician’s View® continues to adhere to these principles of forensic discovery of the complex origins of dysfunctional performance, and the creative problem-solving of physical handling treatment.

The road to effective functional outcomes is paved with quality education. Clinician’s View® provides continuing education designed to improve functional outcomes for clients and provide in-depth problem-solving clinical information to therapists.

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